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How to Save $ THOUSANDS $ in Several Areas Even if You Hire a Contractor

Tools to save $$ Thousands $$

Professionally Designed for Remodeling and New Construction. This Program is used by Home Owners, Contractors, and Architects. Calculate Estimates and Budgets with Professional Precision and Schedule like a Pro. With are easy to follow Interactive Software you also get Contract Forms, Itemized Task lists and Schedules. This Software will save you money whether your Renovating, adding an Addition or Building. Real valuable Information no wasted time or Gimmicks. Try it for 30 days and if you don’t like it, just return it. Money Back Guaranty

An Interactive Itemized Estimating and Budgeting Program designed for Remodeling and New Construction Used by Professionals and Home Owners (see our testimonials). This Guide alone will save you $ 1,000′$ even if you hire a Contractor or MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

What You Should Know about contracts and how to protect yourself, Risky Moves and Negotiating Contract Pricing. This Information will help You Develop a solid Contract leaving nothing out and avoiding potential problems

Request Information Forms for hiring Contractors and Sub Contractors Detailed Interactive Forms pertaining to, Insurance certificates, Bond, Job History, and Referrals

How To Buy at Wholesale and Contractor Pricing, Material supplier guides and what to ask. Links with Pre-screened Qualified Contractors in all fields in the US 50 Pre-screened Links to get you started. This will save you hours of research Time

Permit Questions and answers Who’s Responsible Instructions on who to contact and what to ask.

Liens, Lien releases, Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution Informative Information and up to date Interactive Contracts, Change Orders, Scheduling, and Extensive Task forms used in Remodeling and New Construction

Direct contact for support to: Owner builders, Contractors, Architects, and Engineers.

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